Fatih Mayoralty

Fatih Kumkapi 19 Restaurant “Star Flag” was …

Fatih Municipality and who meet certain conditions by the Istanbul Chamber of chefs to restaurants Kumkapi “Star Flag” was given.

Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, “Conqueror of the values ​​of Turkish Cookery way to remove the fore purpose of this project, supervision is not the good, the quality to reward, or encourage other companies,” he said.

Kumkapi, Valentino Restaurant in Eagles ‘Star Flag’ distribution program, Governor Hassan Fatih, Karakas, Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, Istanbul Chamber of chefs Sayit Karabakh President, Owner Niyazi Niyazibey Bars Grocer, Handicraft Association President Kemal Duranoğlu Kumkapi and shopkeepers joined Kumkapi.

Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, ‘Star Flag’ project, said four years ago been put into operation, one of the culinary culture that drew attention to cultural values ​​that make up the nation. Chairman of iron, these values ​​should be kept in the historical peninsula which is the center of tourism, said: “Star Flag Project” hygiene, food safety, quality, price, such as the content is a function of increasing the prestige of the restaurant explained that there were audited. The project is to provide healthy products to citizens, the work of the restaurant to provide more clean and hygienic, making the definition, classification, and staff training to provide objective criteria such as the objectives are set. “He said. Iron, citizens, calls the proposed star restaurants.

Governor Hassan Fatih, Karakas mindset revolution ever took place in Turkey, noting that in recent years, the urban transformation projects within a time period less than 30 years waiting for a change in Istanbul’s cityscape said seriously. Fatih, hygiene, especially for tourism and restaurants that serve the historical peninsula, the emphasis should be made to provide quality and price stability. Those who are disturbed by domestic and foreign tourists in the stimulus hanutçuluk Karakas, “Everything ölçülmemeli with the money. Good propaganda, good hospitality, friendly service always turns back said it would be positive.

Sayit Karabakh President of the Chamber who attended the meeting in Istanbul, chefs’ Star Flag “project, a study pointed out that promoting and enhancing competition, for the training of chefs have also said they were ready to work together with the municipality.

Niyazi Niyazi Bey, who pioneered the project owner of the restaurants on the ceremony, the greengrocer, who brought Star Flag in the Fatih Municipality and as a volunteer project by participating in this project, thanked the shortcomings of trades completed. Grocer, under stairs severely criticizing those who work in food, restaurant business is very important and people should not be left to their conscience, he noted.

Handicraft Association President Kemal Duranoğlu Kumkapi, Eminonu district of Fatih Municipality, together with value added structure Kumkapı amplified in two years and said shell has changed. Duranoğlu, a very serious effort to bring in tourists, and for that ‘Star Flag’ project of great significance for them, he added.

After the speeches, President of the Chamber Sayit Karabakh three star chefs of the restaurants in Istanbul, Fatih District Governor Hasan Karakaş 4 star space to restaurants, Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir Restaurant in Kumkapi Calamari Star Flag and the only document which gave five stars. Participants in the ceremony along with Star Flag inflicted commemorative photograph, then tasted the dishes brought to restaurants and bars. Kumkapi Orchestra musicians gave a mini concert. Handicraft Association President Kemal Duranoğlu Kumkapi, Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, and flower parts gave a plaque for their services.