An example of the world, with the 150-year history of the town of Eminonu olanİstanbul’un Kumkapi district, was founded as a fishing village during the Byzantine period. In the Ottoman period eat, drink and enjoy the distinction of being fond of citizens living in a region Continuing in the neighborhood, such as church history extant, Byzantine and Ottoman periods possible to see structures. The first thing that comes to mind again today Kumkapi “eating-drinking” and “fun” is. Istanbul’s most important tourist regions, districts, city dwellers, Turkish, Armenian and Jewish citizens in a common culture, the “tavern” s most important center for collection. Stones Albanian neighborhood streets decorated tables overflowing, from the first hours of the evening begins to be filled up by local and foreign visitors. Taverns its menu, appetizers include traditional Ottoman. After the main meal of appetizers, fresh fish dishes are offered depending on the season. is a meal which is still a traditional Turkish drink “raki” accompanies it. Those wishing wine for pubs as well as other alcoholic beverages are also available. Kumkapi different languages ​​may have witnessed a conversation at each table during a meal, violin, accompanied by itinerant musicians of the darbuka and traditional Turkish music listening klarnetten (Chapter) the belly dance show in brewpubs, and some can also have the option to follow.
Domestic and foreign guests visiting Istanbul at the beginning of the places they prefer to go completely transformed into a festival area and in the evening from this fun morning Kumkapı 5:00 up to continue.