LAÇİN Senol & Yusuf KAYA and operates in terms of the red shrimp FISH RESTAURANT serves Kumkapi Istanbul European Side.

Istanbul’s most beautiful fish, music and entertainment chapters address yenilebileceği Kumkapı red shrimp unique FISH RESTAURANT 40 people, garden, entrance off 100 people and a total of 120 persons with upper floor balcony room with a capacity of 260 persons restaurant customers with a different ambience reminiscent of historic architecture.

ROCK Senol business owners, starting his career in 1983 Kumkapi, the fine details of the profession to learn, from the summit of the profession over many years the business partner Joseph LAÇİN ROCK Kumkapi starting his career in 1978, the fine details of the learned profession, the profession of atherosclerosis over the years from the summit of Lachin, Kumkapi collaborated RED SHRIMP FISH Restaurant smiling Fate has given many years of professional experience to share with you.

Every variety of music and enjoy the fish and remove Chapter unchanging quality of the venue for many years, the historic atmosphere and taste the wonderful successes with the big red shrimp Kumkapı FISH RESTAURANT ortamdadeneyimli domestic and foreign guests and kitchen staff in a fun and colorful flavors of food and theater staff gave each other smiling gğzel serve you with service a la carte and special groups.

Fun, stylish atmosferve good service as well as offering a very special tastes, Kumkapı RED SHRIMP FISH RESTAURANT TA varieties of fresh fish of the day, hot, with olive oil, seafood entrees, seasonal salads, fruits and offers special flavors of sweet varieties.

Entertained until late at night in a peaceful environment where you can enjoy a decent red shrimp can spend enjoyable time with your family and loved ones on special days and celebrations FISH restaurant you want to be our guest;

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